The arch tech company founded by UNStudio

UNSense explores and develops new sensor-based technologies that are specifically designed to positively impact people’s physical, mental and social health
Introducing UNSense. We are the arch tech company.

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‘It’s time to catch up with technology’

‘I see a great opportunity as an architect to create buildings and cities that are sensible and sensitive to human beings. The digital revolution is driving change in every part of our lives, except within the built environment. Now it’s time to catch up with technology.

‘Founded by UNStudio and built upon 30 years of experience in architectural design, UNSense presents the opportunity to finally fully integrate sensorial adaptive design into architectural output. Operating as an independent sister company of UNStudio, UNSense explores new sensor-based technologies across three levels: the city, the building and indoor environments.
‘Compared with other tech firms who focus mainly on a building’s performance, efficiency or energy use, UNSense goes to the very essence of architecture: people. Our aim is to humanise architecture, to improve people’s physical, mental and social health through tech interventions within the built environment.  This means that, through the considered application of tech innovations, environments can be created that adapt to the needs of individuals and populations at large.

‘We think that makes sense.’

Ben van Berkel
Founder of UNSense

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