The arch tech company founded by UNStudio

Our Design\Strategies and Arch Tech Solutions focus on improving people's living conditions and making buildings and cities more humane and healthy

At UNSense we see technology as a design tool to create humane cities that are safe healthy and futureproof. We think that makes sense. Don't you?
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Ben van Berkel, founder of UNSense:

“It’s time for architecture to catch up with technology”

“The digital revolution is driving change in every part of our lives, except within the built environment. Now it’s time for architecture to catch up with technology. As an architect I believe technology offers a great opportunity to get to the very essence of architecture: people.  Our aim is use technology as a tool to make the built environment more humane and healthy on a physical, mental and social level. Up untill now users had to adapt to whatever architects had in their mind. Artificial Intelligence and digital and sensorial technologies allow us to create sensitive buildings and cities that adapt to the needs of individuals and populations at large.”