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December, 13th, 2018
In our weekly news filter ‘What We’re Clicking On’, we share our thoughts on the most interesting articles relating to the future of cities, buildings and interiors.

Artifical city

The 3D graphics card company NVidia developed a driving simulator that drives you through a city that is being created by AI in real time, from scratch. The footage comes from videos gathered from self-driving cars, during a one-week trial driving around cities. Subsequently it took one week for the AI to learn what it was looking at and how it could build virtual cities itself using NVidia’s Unreal Engine 4. Currently, NVidia states, ‘constructing the virtual worlds of big video games takes countless 2D and 3D modelers and an underpaid network of overseas labor, because each object is still drawn by hand with a mouse or stylus’. AI- tools like NVidia’s come in handy for architects and city planners to render rapid prototypes to test theories before cementing them in real bricks and concrete.
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