Affordable housing

What We're Clicking On – May 23rd, 2019

In our weekly news filter ‘What We’re Clicking On’, we share our thoughts on the most interesting articles relating to the future of cities, buildings and interiors.

In a twofold piece, Techcrunch is paying attention to the affordability problem of the housing industry. By 2030, 84% of the population of developed countries will live in cities, yet innovation in housing lags compared to other industries. Techcrunch explains that in construction, players spend less than 1% of their revenues on research and development, compared to an average of 10% by tech companies such as Amazon. However, there are exciting things going on at of startups that are trying to rework housing. Take a look at Techcrunch’s massive map of hundreds of startups rebuilding affordable housing.

Sensing the impact of art

Financial Times’ published a very interesting piece on the way Google is using technology to measure the physical impact of art. At Milan’s Design Week, visitors of Google’s ‘Space for being’ were entering a series of three rooms, each decorated, fragranced and soundtracked to a different theme. Their reaction on each aesthetic experience was measured with wristbands, making note of their movement, body temperature, skin conductivity, breathing and heart rate. The changes occurring in each room would illustrate, in theory, that our aesthetic experiences have a measurable impact on our bodies. Ultimately, that data may help people to identify the designs that boost their physical wellbeing. Google’s vice-president of hardware desigen elaborates in the article that things like color and scent have a powerful effect and we need to pay attention to them. “They’re not nice to haves”.

Read the full article: ‘Google harnesses technology to measure the physical impact of art’ on FT