The Responsive Threshold

Buildings have a huge potential to increase benefits for the people who live or work in them, as well as for the urban area that surrounds them. We see buildings and their facades as urban interfaces that can be digitally enhanced.

For the buildings scale, UNSense has developed The Responsive Threshold, an adaptive, responsive interface between what goes on inside and outside a building. These interfaces between the public and the private domain have the potential to enhance performance and benefit both the users of the indoor environment it encloses and the city beyond its doors.

By designing and creating transformable facade systems, buildings can respond automatically to changing needs, transmit information and light to their immediate surroundings, and improve the energy efficiency of the building in response to conditions on both sides of the threshold.

That’s just the start. The materials used in these facades can be used to harvest solar energy for the building, control daylight penetration and heat load, and tackle acoustic issues. Likewise, doors and windows can be enhanced to provide further benefits for the resident, the building and the entire built environment.

‘We see buildings and their facades as urban interfaces that can be digitally enhanced’
Buildings solutions

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