The Responsive Threshold

Well-designed buildings with integrated technological solutions contribute to places that are human-centric, healthy and adaptive. Buildings have the potential to increase the quality of life people who live or work in them. We see buildings and their facades as an interface that, when equipped with digital technologies, can function as ‘responsive thresholds’ between what goes on inside and outside a building, thus improving their performance, both on a qualitative level (optimal adaptive indoor climate) and a quantitative level (optimal energy efficiency).

UNSense explores and develops innovative materials and smart façade technologies that amongst others control daylight penetration, heat load, tackle acoustic issues and harvest solar energy. That’s when buildings really become futureproof for its users as well as for the city. Instead of large energy consuming units, buildings become batteries



‘We see buildings and their facades as urban interfaces that can be digitally enhanced’
Buildings solutions

Solar Visuals

In order to optimise sustainable building in the future, buildings should no longer be seen as mere energy saving, or energy efficient structures. New technologies enable us to go beyond this and to change buildings into energy producing objects. The new Dutch Solar Design PV Modules combine high performance with...

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