The Common Sense City

Over half of the world’s population is living in cities right now. And this is continuously increasing. Cities are where everything comes together, where health, safety, liveability and mobility present complex challenges. The problems are there, but so are the resources to solve them.

Drawing on UNStudio’s 30 years of experience in architectural design and urban planning, UNSense has developed the concept of ‘Common Sense City’, an adaptive platform for managing a city’s infrastructure including a whole of products and services that improve how a city is used and experienced by its inhabitants.

Together with local governments and stakeholders, we begin by identifying the best approach, strategy and solution for a city’s specific requirements. Only then do we develop the mechanisms for their implementation . These discreet urban interfaces are multi-purpose, digitally enhanced pieces of hardware that incorporate targeted technologies.

By establishing an adaptive data-based platform across a city we can achieve an intuitive, efficient mobility system for people and goods. This results in safer, cleaner and healthier cities for inhabitants, with increased energy efficiency and reduced congestion across urban spaces.

The Common Sense City is also a sensing city. Following the identification of a city’s specific needs and ambitions, we develop and implement digital systems and technologies that enhance the city’s liveability, operability and manageability.

These systems are embedded within the built environment, thereby developing dialogues between individuals and the city. Targeted sensor-based data is collected, analysed and made actionable, creating interactive and responsive urban environments and buildings. This enables the city to sense, listen and strategically respond to every individual resident or visitor’s needs, for the short and the long term, on a local and urban level.

‘We develop and implement digital systems and technologies that enhance the city’s liveability, operability and manageability’
Cities solutions


Health, safety, liveability and mobility are complex challenges that require innovative, social and adaptive solutions. That’s why we believe that the goal of urban planning should not be to meet efficiency targets, but instead to positively impact the life of people in the city. We want to stimulate learning cities...

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