Future of Architecture in the Digital Age at FreedomLab

Event – April 3rd, 2019

UNSense founder Ben van Berkel will discuss the Future of Architecture in the Digital Age, together with philosopher Ad Verbrugge and Human-Computer Interaction expert Arief Ernst Hühn, tomorrow at Freedomlab.

Our habitat is changing drastically. Not only because our physical environment is undergoing a transformation, but because we spend more and more time in the digital world. The amount of time we spend on our screens has now risen to 12 hours a day. Moreover, the interfaces that transport us to the digital environment are becoming more intimate: beyond our vision, we are also embedded into the digital through touch, hearing and voice. The extensive possibilities of the digital world offer a new environment for working, socializing, shopping and recreation. Our physical life is therefore increasingly intertwined with our digital life, resulting in a revision for our design approach to physical space. What must future buildings do to serve its users’ needs? Will buildings be reduced to physical platforms that ideally channel us through the digital world as quickly and easily as possible, or do we also need buildings to reconnect with the here and now?

Join the discussion:
4th of April, at 16.00, FreedomLab
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Location: Plantage Middenlaan 62, 1018 DH Amsterdam

Tickets (€ 8.70) include refreshments during the networking drink. The event is free for FreedomLab Campus members (RSVP via: lab@freedomlab.org)

*This event is in Dutch*