Package delivery on the go

What We're Clicking On – March 4th, 2020
In our weekly news filter, we share the most interesting articles related to technology and the future of cities and buildings.

This week we overheard an interesting news story at the Dutch business news radio BNR on an innovative way for package delivery; at the bus stop. The Dutch province of South Holland and the company Izipack are starting a trial of a few months during which packages will be delivered to lockers nearby bus stops, where people can pick them up. If this system is implemented throughout the province, it could take a thousand orders per day in the province off the road. Specifically, the intention is to create a network of collection points, so that everyone must walk a maximum of 500 meters to collect their package.

Listen to a short interview with one of the founders of Izipack at BNR Nieuwsradio [in Dutch]

How do you value your online privacy?

Last week, the Tech Policy Institute revealed a report in which it assessed how much privacy is worth in six countries by looking at the habits of people in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Argentina. The Guardian wrote a piece on the report and mentions that there is a distinction in the valuation by type of data and by country. A technology platform, on average, across all people the study assessed, would have to pay consumers a monthly $8.44 to share their bank balance information, $7.56 to share fingerprint information, $6.05 to read an individual’s texts and $5.80 to share information on cash withdrawals. By contrast, The Guardian writes: “People wanted to be paid only $1.82 per month to share location data and nothing to be sent advertisements via text message.”

Read the full article by The Guardian here.
Or download the full report by the Tech Policy Institute