Positively impact people’s daily lives

Human centric design – January 20th, 2020

Research shows that technological progress has always had a direct influence on our daily lives – and that earlier industrial revolutions have often led to saving time, energy and money, and to an overall increase in comfort levels. The same mechanism now applies to the 4th industrial revolution.

Data and smart technology are already intertwined with our daily activities. The smart phone has gradually made all kinds of daily operations easier, faster and in some cases also cheaper while the amount of available applications continue to increase. The advancement of technology (5G, IoT, sensors, AI, ML) makes it possible to further expand the domain of data to the level of the city. Instead of separate devices – screens, phones and watches – technology will become increasingly “shy”, being unnoticeably integrated into the environment. Based on our research, it is clear that technology within the urban landscape can lead to time, energy and financial savings associated with  in the areas of housing, mobility, food and health.

The 100 Homes Project will be a Living Lab: a constantly evolving innovative environment where data and technology are applied at a neighbourhood level in order to have a positive impact on the well-being of residents, both socially and economically. Our goal is that, by developing intelligent services that connect and adapt to the needs and consumption habits of residents, basic services will become manageable and fixed costs reduced, while (net) income will increase. As a result, more time and energy can become available for people to spend on more meaningful, pleasant and healthier activities. This will increase their sense of quality of life, well-being, happiness and health.

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