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People + planet

UNSense is an arch tech company that combines design thinking and data technology. Rooted in UNStudio and built upon 30 years of architectural practice, UNSense combines the ability to design great buildings, spaces and places with a deep understanding of the potentials of integrated technology.

Technology and innovation have been integral to UNStudio design approach for decades. In the nineties we pioneered design methods that used computation to solve complex architectural assignments. Nowadays digital technology urges us to redefine architectural practice in order to stay relevant and futureproof. Data technology, sensorial technology and artificial intelligence enable us as architects and designers to create buildings that sense, understand and respond to the needs and behaviors of the people that work and live in them.

At UNSense we don’t believe in technology for the sake of technology. We think the combination of data and design creates a powerful force to improve the living conditions for people, and to ultimately create buildings and cities that are more humane, healthy, clean, safe, sustainable, and benefitting the environment.



Over half of the world’s population currently lives in cities and this number is increasing. Cities are where everything comes together. Health, safety, liveability and mobility issues present complex challenges. At the same time cities are becoming ‘smarter’. Air quality, energy use, lighting, traffic, mobility of peoples and goods – almost everything is measurable.
We believe collecting and using data should be about positively impacting the lives of people. Sensorial technologies afford us the opportunity to fully understand how people use the city while living, relaxing, working and commuting. Such data- based insights into human behavior can be used as a foundation to continuously improve and equip the city according to the needs of its users. Only then do cities become more liveable, sustainable, safer, cleaner and healthier.

UNSense strategic advice helps cities to develop smart city visions and strategies and advises on the implementation of smart technology and sensorial design. We embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and involve all stakeholders including city governments, private developers, and real estate companies as well as citizens to create site specific and future-proof concepts, visions and strategies.

We currently advise local Dutch municipalities (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, Helmond) as well as cities across the globe (Bangalore, Milan, Osaka) on the development and implementation of smart technologies into buildings and the urban environment. UNSense is supported by a vast cross-sectoral network – including architects, urban designers, data analysts, researchers, social scientists, and even philosophers and futurists.

Arch Tech Solutions


UNSense Arch Tech Solutions creates and develops sensorial experiences that positively impact the physical, mental and social well-being of people. We conceptualize digital layers for buildings, cities and interiors. We work backwards from qualitative outputs (improved health, decreased loneliness, improved literacy). We define these desired outcomes, design a roadmap to achieving them, and build the partnerships required to deliver on agreed outcomes.

In close partnership with other innovation companies, we ideate and incubate concepts to products, digital services, new companies and eventually scale-ups. Our team consists of creative, organizational and financial experts to maximise successful development of new products.

One of the products we co-developed is Solar Visuals, a highly aesthetic and effective energy-producing cladding material that can be integrated into the facades of buildings. For the launch of this product we developed as part of the Dutch Solar Design consortium, we recently founded a start up together with partners TS Visuals and ECN part of TNO. For more information, check out solarvisuals.nl