Tech-integrated urban design

The city of the future is a sensing city, an interactive and responsive urban environment with enhanced operability, safety and liveability. We want to stimulate learning cities with a bottom-up approach in which technology-integrated urban design serves the community and improves quality of life.

CitySense is a custom made solution for local governments and private parties, to help them to understand, manage and improve the way public or semi-public spaces are used. The combination of sensorial hardware and software – collected data will be made accessible through an open platform - enables our clients to analyse targeted sensor-based data across the urban environment and to subsequently use it to solve societal problems and make city neighbourhoods safer, more comfortable and better places to be.

Smart Urban Guidance Programme

Many Dutch cities are getting drowned by the amount of smart city initiatives. A lot of data is collected, but this data is not connected and an overall policy or action plan is lacking. With the Smart Urban Guidance Programme , UNSense helps local governments and their existing smart city teams to structure all current initiatives and come up with an overall smart city strategy to optimise and interconnect running smart technology initiatives and make all data accessible, valuable and actionable.

Our joint goal is to create an accessible, liveable, healthy and economically powerful city by coordinating and reviewing all running smart city initiatives and creating new innovative user-applications that are scalable and profitable. After implementation we create models to track, analyse, and report all data. As we work in the governmental domain, we adhere to the very highest security and privacy standards that comply with both the security and privacy standards of the Netherlands and the rest of the world.


Joint Forces

UNSense develops and embeds new digital infrastructures of sensorial targeted technologies into the built environment. Within the Joint Forces Programme UNSense investigates, together with local governments and citizens , the specific challenges the city or city district is facing, such as – a lack of safety, crime, congestion, pollution or waste, to name just a few. During an intake, followed up by a site tour, we identify the needs and ambitions of the city or specific urban area and define a vision to tackle site-specific issues.

The next step is to kick off with three multi stakeholder sessions involving citizens, local entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate owners, developers and investors, to prepare the cross sectoral team for a pilot implementation of CitySense. These sessions address: the city’s identity (to create a framework for a vision); characteristics and needs of the residents (to create a user-perspective approach); infrastructure for hardware, software, and data collection (to define technological challenges and requirements) and legal, governance, finance, planning and operational concerns (to agree on roles and responsibilities).