Amsterdam Arena


Energizing the public space

Together with city government, inhabitants, local entrepreneurs and retailers, UNSense Design & Strategy is looking into ways to transform the central Hoekerode plaza in the Amsterdam Arena district from a mere ‘transfer zone’ into a lively place to be. The central square connects the Bijlmer Arena train station to the shopping area of the Amsterdamse Poort and the flagship stores, cinemas and concert halls of the Arena Boulevard. UNSense is now discussing possibilities of running a pilot to implement sensorial technology to transform the square into a destination in itself: an energetic and active urban meeting place that expresses the identity and cultural diversity of this neighbourhood.

A place to feel at home

A place to feel at home,  that’s what Amsterdam Zuidoost should be for its 90.000 residents and nine million retail and entertainment visitors annually. The area ranks number one in Elsevier’s ranking of the most productive areas in the Netherlands.

The number of inhabitants and visitors to Amsterdam Zuidoost is growing rapidly, as are as large investments in housing, businesses and leisure. Yet, the area still carries a degree of stigma concerning safety. In addition, the public space remains cluttered and deserted outside of working hours and the housing, offices and leisure areas are not sufficiently linked.

Such a context however, offers the area a unique opportunity to re-invent itself. Inhabitants, investors and the municipality are eager to invest in communities and smart solutions, aiming to build a city prepared for future demands and necessities.