Hilversum Media Mile

Design and strategy

Futureproofing the media city

UNSense Design & Strategy has developed the concept of the Media Mile for the city of Hilversum. The Media Mile was developed to strengthen the media and entertainment ecosystem in the city, making it capable of hosting future entertainment and media industry activities. In a changing media landscape and within a city that is strongly linked to the entertainment industries of radio and television, Hilversum’s ambition is to become the future story factory of The Netherlands. In collaboration with the municipality and local media companies, UNSense has developed a vision and a strategy to bring this ambition forward.

Transforming Hilversum into a medium itself

The concept behind this strategy is to transform the city itself into a medium, a digital podium. Strengthening the connection between the Media Park – which lies approximately one mile from the city centre – and Hilversum Central Station, the concept of the Media Mile transforms this public space along the two-way traffic stream into a true media experience.

UNSense developed a digital framework for building and exhibiting content for individual podia and for groups of networked podia, empowering current and future media companies to explore and create content experiences for urban screens across the city.

With simple interventions, hotspots within the city can be transformed into urban screens, enabling the additional benefit of increased civic engagement. By creating content and connecting it to people in different combinations, the Media Mile transforms the experience of the city centre, while link it with the media park and the history of Hilversum.