Interactive Platform

Get Reset

RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation) is an interactive platform for reducing stress in the workplace. This fully immersive experience allows employees to take a break from every day pressures to rebalance, refocus and reset. A platform like RESET isn't the only solution to managing employee stress, but using it in the workplace sends out a positive signal to potential and current employees. In the 'war for talent', companies that actively demonstrate empathy for their employees will be able to attract and retain the brightest minds and talents by creating a desirable (and significantly stress reduced) working environment.

In 2017, RESET was launched as a temporary interactive installation. This year, we explored how the method and technology of RESET can be applied within daily life situations. For this, UNSense was granted a ROVO (‘Vroege Fase Financiering’) subsidy, which allows the parties involved to build a prototype.

Improving employees’ quality of life

Technology empowers employees to be ‘always on’, yet unless handled sympathetically by employers, this advantage can lead to increased stress and burnout. Work-related stress is already the second most frequently reported work-related health problem and is a factor in 50 to 60 percent of all lost working days. Without prevention, stress will become a huge financial burden on employers while severely impacting employees’ quality of life.


How does it work?

RESET is a mobile, modular structure that offers up to six different scientifically proven stress reduction methods. From intimacy to sound therapy, each unit provides a unique experience in a playful, interactive way.

Personalized solutions are the most effective and efficient. Therefore in order to learn user preferences and share user progress, RESET provides wearable technology (brain and heart sensors) that monitor biofeedback and user activity outside the pods, while sensors integrate data to personalise user experience inside the pods.

The Reset Index™ is a proprietary algorithm that combines head and heart data to analyse the user’s psychophysiological state. On the basis of how the user responds to active versus passive experiences in the pods, the algorithm determines his or her resilience to stress and recommends the most suitable types of stress reduction methods.

RESET pod during the 2017 iSalone del Mobile in Milan.