Designing inclusive cities

News update – August 14th, 2018

There is a growing awareness that the smart city concept will not tackle the big urban societal and environmental issues of today. The smart technology push seems to be stuck on monitoring and control [of iconic intelligent lampposts] while siloed thinking and acting, still the norm in many cities worldwide, obstruct the development of meaningful and scalable solutions for urban challenges.

This panel puts a case to reassess the holistic design approach, with quality of life at the core of the discussion. The shared city should not be the inevitable result of digital revolution but a carefully crafted societal evolution. Steeped in a Dutch Design tradition, three creative thinkers and doers advocate this approach by presenting new design solutions and strategies for collaboration.

  1. New ideas: using concrete ideas and cases for technological and social innovations in a way that really enhances life and work in the city.
  2. New designs: from singular solutions to systematic thinking at the physical-digital interface, with design as key to positive experiences.
  3. New collaborative business models: putting new ideas and designs into practice requires new business and governance approaches from the outset.

  • Roger Tan, Managing Director & Board member, UNSense
  • Melanie Gorka, Design Lead,
  • Paul Gardien, Head of Design Strategy & Design Innovation, Vice President of Philips Design, Philips

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