Tesla on the roof

News update – October 31st, 2019
In our weekly news filter, we share the most interesting articles related to technology and the future of cities and buildings.

Last week, Wired published a piece on Tesla’s latest version of its Solar Glass Roof. According to Elon Musk this third iteration of the electricity-generating house-topper will be cheaper, easier, and faster to install than its predecessors. ‘Wired’ notes that rather than installing solar panels on an existing roof, this product is the roof. It is made of glass tiles that can turn photons into electricity. The idea of a roof that turns sunshine into electricity one can bottle up at home may be strange, “but it’s just a thing that should be,” Musk said. “You can have a live roof instead of a dead one.”

Read the full article on Wired

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released an interesting interactive map to demonstrate cities’ commitments to innovation and how they affect citizens’ lives. The report that underlies the map found that cities’ ability to drive innovation depends most on bold leadership, dedicated staff with the right skills, and a strong focus on data to set targets and measure outcomes.

Read more about the report on Smartcitiesworld and check out the interactive map here.