UNStudio’s tech campus in India

Project update – June 6th, 2019

According to economists, we are currently living in the ‘Indian Century’, and Bangalore – with its moniker as the Silicon Valley of India, due to the large number of information technology companies based in the city – finds itself at the epicenter of this rapid growth.
Within this thriving Tech Hub, our founding company UNStudio has designed the new Karle Town Centre (KTC). UNSense has collaborated with Karle Infra to curate the use of sensorial technologies throughout the masterplan in an effort to make the built environment more responsive and healthy, by tailoring the environmental controls to the users physical, mental and social wellbeing through user dataset collection. KTC is a development currently under construction, that aims to define Bangalore locally and inspire the whole of India to ‘lead by example’ when designing future urban destinations.


Symbiosis of nature and city

Karle Town Centre enjoys a direct connection to the city’s ring road arterial and expanding metro lines. It is positioned prominently next to the established Manyata Tech Park with scenic views over Nagavara Lake and is designed to act as a natural magnet for people and activities in the urban panorama. In KTC masterplan the landscape and architectural language complement each other and together shape the elements of the urban environment at all scales. Along with the sensitive integration of nature within the architecture, will let visitors know that KTC is Bangalore’s ‘Garden City of the 21st Century’. Sustainable strategies and User Dataset Collection Technology are the bedrock of a resilient and healthy environment. This integral approach to the masterplan aims to enhance the quality of urban life for Karle Town Centre’s occupants, while preserving and enhancing the green character of Bangalore.

Read more about the masterplan here.