We Company steps into cities

What We're Clicking On – April 3rd, 2019

The concept of co-working has been around for a while, and currently companies in this space are broadening their business. Market leader WeWork is already offering a range of other services such as WeGrow (schools), WeLive (co-living) and WeGym. Last week, its parent company The We Company announced a next step: the design of cities of the future. The company will use technology, data and real estate to answer fundamental urban challenges. Online news platform Quartz writes: “Though sparse on specifics, the mandate for the new team at We is to tie all of the firm’s disparate data sources together. (..) To build on what We has already done inside the building, take it outside, and reimagine a sort of connective tissue for 21st-century cities.”

Last week, primary school kids in London have carried backpacks that not only contained their lunch and pencils, but also air-pollution sensors. The initiative is the latest stage of the Breathe London project, which aims to create the most comprehensive air quality monitoring network in the world. Smartcitiesworld explains that the data from this study will allow scientists to analyze at which point of their journey to school (or which part of their school day) children are exposed to the most pollution. These insights can be of great value, as earlier this month the United Nations reported that air pollution is responsible for the premature death of seven million people each year, including 600,000 children.