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October 16th, 2018
In our weekly news filter ‘What We’re Clicking On’, we share our thoughts on the most interesting articles relating to the future of cities, buildings and interiors.

Tiny house, large effect

The Guardian writes on how increasingly smaller living spaces could affect our health, with a focus on the UK housing market. In the UK the average new-build is the smallest in Europe (76m2). Houses become smaller to create more living spaces in one building (and increasingly offices). Several institutions published their views on standards and ideals for house sizes, but these got blurred through economic values that become increasingly important. Julia Park, head of housing research at architectural firm Levitt Bernstein, states small spaces could pose threats to physical health and mental health.
It is important for people to come home in a comfortable area where they feel safe and can relax. Instead, Park states, sleeping, cooking and washing are increasingly viewed as the only functions of a home. Housing size recommendations are optional and only apply to new projects, not to existing objects. This makes it possible for owners to turn their buildings into tiny apartments that do not fit the standards.

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