Explore the projects we are currently working on.

100 Houses for Helmond

DESIGN\STRATEGIES - UNSense is currently in the process of carrying out a feasibility study and forming a consortium to realise a residential area in Helmond Brainport Smart District, that will operate as a Living Lab. In this real-life test environment, containing 100 houses, UNSense will investigate how data can be applied to improve people’s lives in cities, while allowing the inhabitants to take ownership of their own data. The 100 Houses project is part of the urban vision our parent company UNStudio has designed to make the Brandevoort District of Helmond ‘The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World’.

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Solar Visuals

ARCH TECH SOLUTIONS - Solar Visuals, founded by UNSense and partners ECN part of TNO and printing specialist TS Visuals, is a start up named after a new revolutionary, energy producing cladding material that can be integrated in façades of buildings. The Solar Visual panels combine high performance with visual design aesthetics, creating opportunities to produce solar energy in the built environment on a much larger scale.

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ARCH TECH SOLUTIONS - In collaboration with Scape, UNStudio and UNSense developed RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation), an interactive platform for reducing stress in the workplace. This fully immersive experience allows employees to take a break from every day pressures to rebalance, refocus and reset.

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Amsterdam Arena

DESIGN\STRATEGIES - Together with city government, inhabitants, local entrepreneurs and retailers, UNSense is looking into ways to transform the central Hoekerode plaza in the Amsterdam Arena district from a mere ‘transfer zone’ into a lively place to be. The central square connects the Bijlmer Arena train station to the shopping area of the Amsterdamse Poort and the flagship stores, cinemas and concert halls of the Arena Boulevard.

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Hilversum Media Mile

DESIGN\STRATEGIES - In collaboration with the municipality of Hilversum and local media companies, UNSense has developed a vision and a strategy to bring the ambition forward of this Dutch city to become the future story factory of The Netherlands. The Media Mile was developed to strengthen the media and entertainment ecosystem in the city, making it capable of hosting future entertainment and media industry activities.

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DESIGN\STRATEGIES - For the area of Kijkduin, UNSense is designing a vision how to transform the predominantly natural and recreational beach area into a 365-days-a-year surprising and attractive place to be.

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