Workplace noise

What We're Clicking On – June 5th, 2019
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Swedish Smart building company Memoori published an interesting piece on the complex relationship between workplace noise and productivity. The article teaches us that our extrovert colleagues can cope better with noisy environments compared to introverts who perform better under quieter conditions, and the level of distraction varies somewhat in relation to the activity they are undertaking. Memoori further explains that multi-space workplaces, which provide quiet areas for those who need it for focus or rest, open-plan spaces for greater collaboration and as a workspace to suit others are a way to balance the level of noise. The multi-space office fits into a greater trend towards flexibility in the workplace and solves many of the problems associated with noise.

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VR as a medicine

Virtual reality might be the next frontier of Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Navigational capacity is often one of the first regions of the brain that Alzheimer’s disease damages. Since current cognitive tests don’t seem to be able to detect these navigation difficulties, researchers at the University of Cambridge last week published about the results of their VR navigation test. The study showed that people with an early stage of dementia with positive cerebrospinal fluid performed worse than those with negative cerebrospinal fluid markers. An optimistic showcase of the potential of new technologies to diagnose disease.

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