“You should get paid for your data”

News update – October 2nd, 2019
In our weekly news filter, we share the most interesting articles related to technology and the future of cities and buildings.

Data as Labor

Last week, the New York Times published an online triptych about data privacy. Jaron Lanier, author of the book ‘Radical Markets‘ elaborates on his vision for how we can all earn money from our data.
Episode 1, ‘The Great Data Robbery’ – Run up to the statement: ‘We share everything in exchange for nothing’
Episode 2, ‘You Should Get Paid For Your Data’ – Explanation ‘Data as Labor’ with MIDs as the central concept to achieve an equal exchange of data and value
Episode 3, ‘Hope For Our Internet Future – How Data Dignity can change and improve the future of the internet and the exchange of data
Look at all three episodes here on NYTimes.



Smart home care for our second adulthood

The Amsterdam based Thinktank Freedomlab wrote an interesting piece on smart home care for our second adulthood. Aging in place enabled by technology is one of the most desirable trends to manage the rising healthcare costs of an aging society. Current home treatment relies heavily on nurses, therapists and doctor visits. Smart home care applications could relieve pressure on professionals, reduce unnecessary and costly hospital visits and help the elderly be better connected to healthcare providers. However, tech healthcare companies will have to address the issues of digital illiteracy and loneliness among the elderly and better align with the socio-cultural transformations currently taking place in this area.
Read the full note here.